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Saturday 23 January

Fireside Revelry

We’ll be celebrating some ancient winter traditions with songs for Apple Wassailing and Candlemas. A fun session for all!

Thursday 11 February

Fireside Dreams

This is traditionally the time when people start dreaming of foreign climes and the holidays they might take. Let us transport you for a while to the Caribbean and the Land of Wood and Water, sea, sand and bananas that is Jamaica!

Enjoy learning some traditional Jamaican songs, familiar and unfamiliar, whilst sitting cosily by your fire.

Thursday 4 March

Fireside Japes

Today we will be looking at songs that question our values and habits in a light-hearted way with the help of artists such as Tom Lehrer and Flanders & Swann. We will explore ways to deliver this type of song. Lots of fun – and you may even come away with a new party piece!