Zoom Sessions

We’ve been running short online sessions of singing whilst we are unable to run our usual whole-day events. Our “Summer Shorts” sessions were very warmly received…

am bulleta lovely uplifting session of singing together this afternoon. It really lifted my spirits and gave a much-needed taste of Summer, even though most of us will barely be venturing farther than our front doors!!

We’ve now planned more online sessions for the autumn – something to look forward to as the days shorten and staying indoors becomes rather more appealing! Click here to see what’s coming up soon


Each session will cost £5 per person. Sessions on the same day will include the same music, with a range of songs that we hope you will really enjoy and will be able to pick up quickly. This day will be different from any other in the series. There will be plenty of opportunities for harmonising  if you wish!

We are both experienced users of Zoom and work to make this the best experience it can be. We prepare recorded tracks for use in the sessions so that it feels like you are singing with a group of people and you can distinctly hear your part.

Sessions are much more than just singing along, of course: we will provide sheet music and teach the songs as well as supporting your singing voice. There is also a chance to ‘meet up’ with like minded folks.

If you haven’t used Zoom before don’t worry ~ it’s very straightforward and we’re happy to help.

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent pdfs of any music required plus the link for the Zoom session. You can either print the pdfs or, if you have an additional device, read them from a second screen.  If you can’t do either of those, let us know in good time so that we can help!

Frances and Christine will continue to help you to get the best from your voice in a friendly and informal atmosphere. As usual there will be opportunities for part-singing for those who wish.